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UNRWA and the next explosion of violence against Gaza


By international donor standards $720 million is small change. Yet, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has only managed to procure $135 million from UN member states to assist the victims whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Israel during its 2014 war on the Gaza Strip. As a result, the agency has decided to suspend its cash assistance programme for repairs and rental subsidies to 66,000 families displaced by the war.

There are several reasons for donors' reluctance to deliver the $5.4 billion pledged to reconstruct the beleaguered Palestinian territory. For example, in the absence of any lasting political solution to the conflict and guarantees of future stability, they fear that sooner or later Israel will invade Gaza yet again and destroy what was rebuilt.

Whatever the risks, all donors nonetheless owe it to the Palestinian people in Gaza to ensure that the reconstruction effort is in no way jeopardised. Back in 2009, after the first of Israel's most recent wars, a similar $5 billion was pledged of which only a fraction was delivered. To their credit, Arab donors and Islamic international NGOs on that occasion contributed more than western governments and UN organisations.

By not supporting UNRWA such governments have played, perhaps unwittingly, perhaps not, into Israel's hands. The occupying power has made no secret of its desire to see an end to the organisation which has, since May 1950, provided aid to Palestinian refugees in historic Palestine itself as well as in neighbouring countries. No doubt some Western donor states are happy to oblige by helping Tel Aviv in its quest.

Hamas officials in the enclave described UNRWA's decision as "dangerous and shocking". They assert that it will exacerbate the suffering of thousands of displaced people in Gaza. At the same time they question whether the agency has done all in its powers to procure the required funds.

If nothing else, the current crisis reflects not only the failure of the donors but also, more importantly, that of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism which was brokered with Israel by the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) Robert Serry. Instead of challenging the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza the UN has become a partner in the siege by agreeing to an Israeli veto on who should receive what and how much material to rebuild or repair their homes. Under the guise of preventing the flow of weapons to the Palestinian resistance groups, the agreement allowed for the private information of every affected family to be passed to the Israelis for approval.

Politically speaking, the Hamas leadership in Gaza has also laid some of the blame at the door at the Palestinian Authority. It accuses Ramallah of obstructing the functioning of the national unity government and by default creating a climate of uncertainty, which has discouraged donors from honouring their commitments. After all, who wants to pour billions of dollars into Gaza's reconstruction when there is no guarantee that it will not be destroyed by Israel? In this light, the PA should have signed up to the Rome Treaty long ago if only to serve as a deterrent to Israeli warmongers.

UNRWA's suspension of aid has left no doubt about who the real winners and losers are. Israel emerges as the main beneficiary of the move, because it has helped to discredit the agency in the eyes of ordinary Palestinians in Gaza. On another level, it has created another headache for Hamas, which remains the de facto authority in Gaza charged with the wellbeing of its people.

The losers are the tens of thousands of families who suffered enormous personal and financial losses during last summer's war. Israel and its backers will continue to say that this is they price they must pay for supporting Hamas, but their words are just more outrageous sophistry. The fact is that it is not the business of the international community to decide who the people of Gaza should vote for in free and fair democratic elections. Has anyone imposed sanctions on Israelis for electing racial supremacists and neo-fascists? Are similar punishments meted out in Europe, where xenophobia and jingoism go hand in hand with racist politics paraded as proud nationalism?

Before this latest crisis, UNRWA's spokesman Chris Gunness warned that the needs of the Gaza Strip have moved well beyond humanitarian aid. Without political action that ends Israel's blockade and illegal wars the international community will be forever firefighting in the territory, which is today in a worse situation than it was last spring; such conditions led eventually to Israel's summer offensive.

Left to their own devices, the Palestinians in Gaza have embarked on self-help initiatives instead of waiting for the goodwill of friends and neighbours. Their effort to build a sea port is just one example, though, which will inevitably put them on a collision course with Israel, which maintains its occupation of the Gaza Strip by closing the borders and blockading its territorial waters.

For better or worse, UNRWA's decision to suspend the cash assistance programme is, in effect, a coded warning that Gaza is about to erupt.

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۳۱؍جنوری۲۰۱۵ء ؁
سرینگر//بھارت کی کئی ٹی وی چینلز اور چند اخبارات، فرقہ وارانہ منافرت پھیلانے اور اسلام کے خلاف بے بنیاد اور بے ہودہ پروپیگنڈا کرنے کی مذموم کارروائیوں میں رات دن مشغول رہتی ہیں ، کبھی جموں میں رہنے والے مغربی پاکستان سے آئے ہوئے شرنارتھیوں کو مستقل طور بسانے کے نام پر یہاں مسلمانوں کی اکثریت کو اقلیت میں تبدیل کرنے کا ہوا کھڑا کیا جاتا ہے اور کبھی اسلامی تعلیمات اور قوانین کو اپنی تنقید کا نشانہ بناتے ہوئے، یہاں مشترکہ سول کوڈ نافذ کرنے کی مہم زور دار طریقے سے چلائی جاتی ہے اور فرقہ پرست ذہنیت کے حامل افراد کو میڈیا کے ذریعے اسلام کو تنقید کا نشانہ بنانے کا بھرپور موقع فراہم کیا جاتا ہے۔ اصل میں اسلام کی بڑھتی ہوئی مقبولیت سے جس طرح مغربی طاغوتی طاقتیں بوکھلاہٹ کا شکار ہوکر، اوچھی حرکتوں اور شیطانی ہتھکنڈوں پر اُتر آئی ہیں، اسی طرح بھارت کے چند فرقہ پرست قوتین بھی اپنا ہوش و حواس کھو بیٹھی ہیں اور اپنے زیر اثر میڈیا کے ذریعے اسلام کے خلاف شرمناک پروپیگنڈا کروانے کا ایک مذموم سلسلہ شروع کررکھا ہے۔ نیز اسلام سے منحرف چند نام نہاد دانشوروں جن میں نمایاں طور بنگلہ دیش سے مفرور تسلیمہ نسرین بھی شامل ہے کو بھی اس مردود مہم میں استعمال کیا جارہا ہے۔ حال ہی میں پیرس کے ایک شیطان صفت شخص چارلی ہیبڈو نے عالم انسانیت کی سب سے زیادہ عظیم اور محترم شخصیت اور سید الانبیاء حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم جو پونے دو ارب کے قریب مسلمانوں کے دلوں کی ڈھڑکن ہیں ، کے خلاف توہین آمیز خاکے شائع کرکے ایک زبردست ہیجانی کیفیت پیدا کی لیکن فرانس اور مغرب کے دیگر حکمرانوں نے اس شیطانی حرکت کے خلاف ناراضگی کے اظہار کے بجائے پیرس جاکر، اس کی حمایت کی، اس سے واضح ہوتا ہے کہ یہ حکمران اپنے ہوش و حواس سے عاری ہو چکے ہیں اور ان کا دماغی توازن بھی بگڑ گیا ہے۔ اسلام عالم انسانیت کے لیے وہ نظام رحمت پیش کرتا ہے جس کو عملاً نافذ کرنے سے یہ دُنیا جملہ انسانوں کے لیے ایک جنت نما گہوارہ بن سکتی ہے جہاں ہر طرف امن و امان ہوگا اور عدل و انصاف کی حکمرانی ہوگی اور عام انسان ہر قسم کے استحصال سے نجات حاصل کریں گے نیز یہاں کی حریت پسند قیادت علی الخصوص سیدعلی گیلانی کو یہ میڈیا جس طرح اپنے بے بنیاد پروپیگنڈا اور تضحیک کا شکار بنا رہا ہے، وہ بھی ایک غیر انسانی اور غیر اخلاقی حرکت ہے جس کے لیے ایک مہذب معاشرہ میں کوئی جگہ نہیں۔
جماعت اسلامی جموں و کشمیر فرقہ پرست عناصر کی ان اوچھی حرکتوں اور میڈیا کے ذریعے اسلام کے خلاف غلط پروپیگنڈا پر زبردست ناراضگی کا اظہار کرتے ہوئے، اس حقیقت کا اعادہ کرتی ہے کہ اسلام کے نور سے عالم انسانیت کو منور کرنے سے کوئی طاقت نہیں روک سکتی ہے اور ان شیطانی پھونکوں سے اس نور مقدس کو کوئی بجھا نہیں سکتا ہے۔

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STUCK: Jordanian pilot Lt. Maaz Al-Kassasbeh and Sajida Al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack.


AMMAN: Jordan offered Wednesday to free a female terrorists in exchange for a Jordanian pilot held by the Islamic State group, which is threatening to execute the airman and a Japanese journalist.
It came after the parents of the hostages made last-ditch pleas for their lives as a deadline set by IS for the release of the would-be suicide bomber approached.
“Jordan is ready to release the prisoner Sajida Al-Rishawi if the Jordanian pilot is freed unharmed,” Jordanian state television quoted a government spokesman as saying.
“From the start, the position of Jordan was to ensure the safety of our son, the pilot Maaz Al-Kassasbeh,” it added. It made no mention of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.

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Hizb-ul-mujahideen gunned down An Army Colonel of 42 Rashtriya Rifles, a cop of Special Operations Group of J&K Police in a fierce gunfight in Tral area of South Kashmir's Pulwama district on Tuesday.

According to reports,after receiving a 'special input' about the presence of mujahideen in Hundoora village of the district's Tral region, Indian brutal forces along with counter insurgency group of puppet police and army cordoned off the area. 
As the brutal forces marched ahead mujahideen hiding in the village fired upon the joint party in which the CO of 42 RR Col Munindra Nath Rai, HC Sanjeev Singh and two more soldiers of RR were killed on the spot . In the heavy exchange of fire the two hard core mujahideen of Hizb-ul-mujahideen, Sheraz Dar and Abid Khan, both from Tral region,also embraced martyrdom. Abid Khan joined the Hizbul Mujahideen ranks five years ago and was the active as district commander of the Organization.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Kupwara shuts against Killings

Kupwara, Jan 27: A complete shutdown was observed in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district today against the killing of 27 civilians by Army, 21 years ago, on January 27, 1994.
It was on January 27, in 1994, when 27 civilians, mostly traders of this north Kashmir’s frontier town fell to the bullets of Army personnel, adding to the list of other such massacres in the turmoil history of Kashmir.

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Jama'at-e-Islami J&K paid rich tribute to the martyrs of recent gunfight at Tral in which 2 Hizb Mujahideen were martyed, Spokesperson of Jama'at-e-Islami Advocate Zahid Ali Lone addressed the people before funeral procession of the martyrs. 
Advocate Zahid Ali Lone said , “The martyrs of Tral, Abid Ahmed Khan and Shiraz Ahmed Dar have laid down their lives for Islam and the freedom of their motherland .Both the freedom fighters fought bravely with the armed forces and embraced martyrdom. The martyrdom of these freedom fighters amply demonstrates the fact that every Mujahid of Hizb is committed to Kashmir cause and is ready to sacrifice their precious lives to achieve the noble cause.”


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Israel latches onto the War on Terror to hide its own terrorism

Ibrahim Hewitt

Ever since the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, Israel has been able to convince the West, America and Europe in particular, that its brutal "self-defence" is part of the global "War on Terror". An active lobby promising votes and electoral finance has played its part well.

In November 2001 the then Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon praised the leadership of George W Bush and Tony Blair "in the struggle against global terrorism". This, said Sharon, "is a fight for basic values, freedom, liberty, security and democracy. It is a fight that every peace loving nation supports for the sake of the security of future generations." Israel, naturally, feels that it is at the forefront of that struggle, as long as "freedom, liberty, security and democracy" are for Israeli Jews only and not Palestinians.

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Muzaffarabad, Jan 26: Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin on Monday said that US endorsing India’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) would render the World Body good-for-nothing.
“Mr (Barack) Obama you should use your good offices to persuade India to implement the decades old UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir… We have been saddened to hear that you have (instead) endorsed India’s demand for a permanent seat in the Security Council,” regretted Salahuddin, who heads Kashmir’s largest and mainly indigenous militant group, at a press conference here. He was accompanied by Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) PaK chapter ameer Abdul Aziz Alvi and some other leaders. “Your stance amounts to rubbing salt into the wounds of Kashmiris afflicted by the so-called largest democracy,” he added, referring to India.

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نیکیوں کو فروغ دینا جہاں ہماری ذمہ داری ہے وہیں بدیوں کو مٹانا بھی ہمارے دین کا تقاضا ہے// امیر جماعت 
سرینگر//فرانس میں توہین آمیز خاکوں کی اشاعت اور دنیا بھر میں اسلام دشمنی پر مبنی مواد کی اشاعت و ترویج کی شدید الفاظ میں مذمت کرتے ہوئے امیر جماعت اسلامی جموں و کشمیر محمد عبداللہ وانی نے کہا کہ توہین رسالت جیسی گھناونی حرکات اُمت مسلمہ کے لیے کسی بھی صورت میں قابل برداشت نہیں ہیں اور ایسے حرکات کے دنیا بھرمیں سنگین نتائج برآمد ہوسکتے ہیں۔ نمازجمعہ کے موقعے پر مسجد الھدیٰ بٹہ مالو میں لوگوں کے بڑے مجموعے سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے محمد عبداللہ وانی نے کہا کہ اسلام دشمن طاقتیں اور عناصر گزشتہ کئی برسوں سے مسلمانوں کی دل آزاری کا سلسلہ شروع کیے ہوئے ہیں اور آزادئ اظہارِ رائے کے نام پر اسلام کی مقدس ترین ہستی حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی شان میں گستاخیاں کی جارہی ہیں۔

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Paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Gawkadal massacre on their anniversary, the Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani demanded that an FIR be registered against the then Governor Jagmohan and the CRPF personnel involved in the January 21, 1990, massacre.
Demanding impartial investigation into all the massacres of Kashmir including the Gowkadal, Geelani in a statement said, “An FIR should immediately be registered against the CRPF officers and other personnel and the then Governor Jagmohan who were involved in the bloodshed of innocent people of Gawkadal and the culprits should be given stern punishment.”

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The woman and the man guilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah's Law).

Al'Quraan Surah Noor

Prophet Mohammad PBUH

Narrated: Abu Huraira (R.A) that a man said to the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam: "Advise me! "The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Do not become angry and furious." The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet said in each case, "Do not become angry and furious." [Al-Bukhari; Vol. 8 No. 137]

Sunan Abu-Dawud.

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