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Srinagar, Dec 16 (KNS): The chief of the religio-political organization Jama’at Islami (JeI) Tuesday said it will dismiss any cadre against whom the charges of voting during Assembly elections are proven.The JeI chief Mohammad Abdullah Wani had ahead of the polls said polls would never be substitute to the right of self determination. He had asked people to boycott the elections being held for 87 member state assembly.Wani on Tuesday said JeI has already intimated to its cadre to remain away from the poll exercise. “We have sent a clear message to our cadre that they should not participate in elections and neither should they vote. When JeI says it has nothing to do with the poll process, how could it take part into it?” he told KNS.Wani said that if the reports that JeI cadre in North and other parts of Kashmir valley had voted are correct, then the organization would not be the mute spectator over this grave issue. “JeI would take disciplinary action against any of its registered member who has taken part in the poll exercise. We will take action against those of our registered members who have voted. So far we have not received any complaint, if we receive we will take action,” Wani said.However, the Jama’at chief was quick to add that any person who has taken part in JeI’s function but is not a member, will not be scrutinized. “Anyone who is the Jama’at sympathizer cannot be stopped from voting if he is not our member,” he told KNS.Reports earlier surfaced that some Jama’at cadres have taken part in voting and would be instrumental in making certain political parties to win.

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سرینگر///پشاور پاکستان میں ایک اسکول پر ہوا دہشت گردانہ حملہ ہر لحاظ سے قابل مذمت ہے اور اس سے بڑی بے رحمی اور درندگی کا کوئی تصور بھی نہیں کیا جاسکتا ہے۔ جس طرح معصوم اور نہتے بچوں اور اساتذہ کو بے تحاشا گولیوں کا نشانہ بنایا گیا، اس سے واضح ہوتا ہے کہ اس بدترین سفاکیت میں ملوث عناصر بدترین درندے ہیں جو کسی بھی صورت میں قابل برداشت نہیں ہیں۔ اس طرح کی حرکتوں سے لگتا ہے کہ دشمنان اسلام ، مسلمانوں اور اُن کے دین جو سراسر رحمت ہے، کو بدنام کرانے کی خاطر ایسی بہیمانہ کارروائیاں کراتے ہیں۔
جماعت اسلامی جموں و کشمیر اس حملے کے تاریخ انسانی کا بہت ہی بھیانک ظلم قرار دیتے ہوئے، اس میں شہید ہوئے معصوم بچوں اور اساتذہ کو لواحقین کے ساتھ مکمل یکجہتی اور ہمدردی کا اظہار کرتی ہے اور تمام محروحین کی جلد شفا یابی کی متمنی ہے۔ حملہ کرنے والوں کو اُمت مسلمہ کے ساتھ کوئی تعلق ہی نہیں ہو سکتا ہے کیونکہ یہ اُمت جملہ انسانیت کی فلاح و بہبود اور دنیا سے فتنہ و فساد مٹاکر، امن و امان کی فضا قائم کرنے کے لیے برسر وجود آئی ہے۔



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During the recent Israeli war on Gaza, Al-Qassam Brigades announced that they had inflicted heavy losses on the Israeli army, and they were able to capture Israeli soldier Aaron Shaul during an operation east of Gaza


Ezz Ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, said that it would not accept anything less than the full reconstruction of all the affected areas following Israel's recent assault on the Gaza Strip.

In a speech during a military parade organised by Hamas to mark the 27th anniversary of its foundation, Abu Ubaida warned that the continued blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the disruption of the Strip's reconstruction "will cause a new explosion in the face of the Israelis".

"The running out of our and our people's patience towards impeding the reconstruction would generate consequences for the Israeli public and its leadership, and we warn of the moment of explosion," he said.

On July 7, Israel launched a war on the Gaza Strip that continued for 51 days, and resulted in the death of more than 2,000 Palestinians and wounded approximately 11,000 others, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing announced that 28,366 housing units were affected by this war.

Three months after a ceasefire agreement was signed, the reconstruction process is still not underway.

During his speech, Abu Ubaida vowed to free the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, saying that this will take place soon.

"We will free the prisoners at a time other than that determined by Israel. Al-Qassam Brigades decided and promised God Almighty that the freedom of the Palestinian prisoners is only a matter of time, and it is closer than ever."

During the recent Israeli war on Gaza, Al-Qassam Brigades announced that they had inflicted heavy losses on the Israeli army, and they were able to capture Israeli soldier Aaron Shaul during an operation east of Gaza.

Israel accuses Hamas of keeping the body of another Israeli officer, Hadar Goldin, who was killed in an armed clash that took place east of Rafah on last August 1. The movement has neither confirmed or denied these reports.

Abu Ubaida thanked all those who supported the Palestinian resistance, including Iran for its financial and military support, and for its contribution to the development of the resistance's missiles.

"We extend our thanks to all those who provided support to the resistance including individuals, groups, and countries, at the forefront of whom are Qatar, Turkey and all Arab and Islamic countries that have supported the resistance and stood by its side," he said.

He warned the Israeli military about Al-Qassam Brigades' superiority and evolution from one battle to the next, stressing that the group's diversity was apparent and clear in every stage while facing the Israeli army.


Yesterday, the Al-Qassam Brigades organised one of their largest military parades in Gaza City to mark the 27th anniversary of the Brigades' foundation.

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مسلمان مجبور لوگوں کی مدد کے لیے جگہ جگہ بیت المال قائم کریں// امیر جماعت اسلامی جموں و کشمیر سرینگر///امیر جماعت اسلامی جموں و کشمیر محمد عبداللہ وانی نے آج جامع مسجد شریف ہزاری بازار رعناواری میں ہزاروں لوگوں کے مجمع سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ جن سماجی برائیوں کی لپیٹ میں پوری ملت اسلامیانِ کشمیر آچکی ہے اور جس طرح سے یہاں ارتداد کی وبائی پھیلائی جارہی ہے اُس کے پیچھے دیگر عوامل کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک بنیادی وجہ یہ بھی ہے کہ عربت اور افلاس کی وجہ سے سماج کا ایک بڑا طبقہ پریشانیوں میں مبتلا ہے۔ جنہیں اپنی روز مرہ کی زندگی گزارنے کے لیے کٹھن مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا پڑ رہا ہے۔ ایسے لوگوں کی مالی مجبوریوں سے دین دشمن عناصر فائدہ اُٹھا کر اُن کی نسل نو کو بے حیائی اور برائیوں میں دھکیل دیتی ہے اور نادار و مفلس مسلمانوں کی یہی مجبوریاں ارتداد کی وجہ بھی بن جاتی ہیں ۔ امیر جماعت نے ”انفاق فی سبیل اللہ“ کے موضوع پر تقریر کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ ملت اسلامیانِ کشمیر کو جگہ جگہ اور شہر و دیہات کی ہر بستی میں بیوت المال قائم کرنے چاہیے تاکہ بنیادی سطح پر لوگوں کی مجبوریوں اور مشکلات کا ازالہ ہوسکے اور لوگوں کی مجبوریاں اُنہیں غلط راہوں پر گامزن کرنے کا سبب نہ بن سکیں۔ محمد عبداللہ وانی نے کہا کہ اسلامی نظام کا مالی سسٹم غریب پرور ہے اور اِس میں ہر انسان کو باعزت زندگی گزارنے کا حق فراہم کیا گیا ہے۔ انفاق فی سبیل اللہ کو جو اہمیت اسلام میں حاصل ہے اور جس طرح سے انفاق پر زور دیا گیا ہے اُس سے واضح ہوجاتا ہے کہ مجبور ومصیبت کی ماری انسانیت کی فلاح و بہبود اور اُن کے مشکلات کا ازالہ کرنے میں دین اسلام نے کتنا خیال رکھا ہے۔سامعین میں سے ایک شخص کی جانب سے الیکشن کے حوالے سے ایک سوال کے جواب میں امیر جماعت اسلامی محمد عبداللہ وانی نے کہا کہ الیکشن کے حوالے سے جماعت اپنے مو¿قف یعنی الیکشن سے لاتعلق رہنے پر برابر قائم ہے ۔

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The Brotherhood is an idea, and ideas do not die; it is a hope, and hopes do not expire. It is a reform project, and reform is at the core of the Muslim faith.

By Dr Azzam Tamimi 


Wednesday, 10 December 2014 

Well-intending or ill-intending, some people here and there proclaim that what happened in Egypt in 2013 marked the beginning of the end of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only that, such people insist that the Brotherhood should disband because they believe that it has failed and has no role to play.

Some of those who say this attribute themselves to the Brotherhood or to its Youth Wing. Until quite recently, some even occupied quite senior positions within the movement.

I had not yet been born when the Muslim Brotherhood endured its first major tribulation in 1954. Then, several of its prominent figures were hanged, hundreds were imprisoned and thousands were banished, driven underground or abroad. I was 10 when the movement endured its second major tribulation in 1965. This time too, several of its top leaders, including distinguished ideologue Sayyid Qutb, were hanged, hundreds were imprisoned and thousands were banished as before.

I do not recall that I was conscious of the details of what was going on at the time but I remember quite well that some of my own relatives, who looked up to Egypt's military dictator Gamal Abdel Nassir as the saviour of the Ummah and the liberator of Palestine, rejoiced at the misfortune of the Brotherhood and celebrated its persecution. Nassir's media machine had done an "excellent" job tarnishing the image of the Brotherhood and misleading the Arab masses from the ocean to the Gulf.

I can today imagine what some people said about the Brotherhood when it were subjected to those mass persecution campaigns in the 1950s and 1960s. I can imagine that what was said then might not have been much different from what we hear today of blame being squarely put on the Brotherhood, of sharp criticism directed against its leadership and of calls for the organisation to disband and get out of the way.

It is as if those who are furiously critical of the Brotherhood, holding it responsible for the crimes that have been perpetrated against them by the military junta in Egypt, as well as against those who stood with them against tyranny, cannot find the road ahead to work unless the group disbands and vacates the arena for them so as to unleash their innovative powers and accomplish for the Ummah the kind of victories and achievements this ageing, more than 80-year-old, group has failed to accomplish.

This is not to say that I am against those who call for the necessity of reflecting on recent experiences, not even against those who criticise and call for reform. Neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor any other group of humans is infallible or above questioning and critique. Yet, in much of the critique directed against the Brotherhood since the brutal coup last year, I find little objectivity, if at all, and hardly any fairness. Some of the issues raised by people, rightly, would require thorough investigation and await the testimonies and explanations of those who made the choices and took the decisions, many of whom are either in prison or underground.

Young men who are particularly zealous in their critique demonstrate a profound lack of knowledge of the intricate details. Much of what is claimed is based on hearsay and is heavily influenced by anti-Brotherhood propaganda.

Some of those who judge the Brotherhood as having failed may indeed be issuing such a verdict because they had certain hopes or aspirations that never materialised. One wonders if that was the case, why the Brotherhood should be held responsible for the frustration of such dreams. The Brotherhood has never promised people paradise in this world. It only preaches and invites to that which it believes is good for humanity in this life and in the hereafter; it encourages people to struggle and forebear in the hope that their worldly affairs will improve and that they will secure a better life after resurrection.

The Brotherhood never said that its objective is to please or appease; its ultimate objective is not the pleasure of any human entity but that of the lord of all humanity. Its slogan has always been: "Allah is our aim, the messenger is our model, jihad is our means and dying in the cause of Allah is our most sublime wish."

Whenever I hear someone accuse the Brotherhood of failure, I am reminded of the story narrated in the Quran, Chapter 85, known as Surat Al-Buruj (The Zodiacal Signs). A despot claiming to be divine ordered a ditch to be dug and fire within it to be kindled in order to burn those who, having recognised he was only human, refused to revert from tawheed (monotheism) to shirk (polytheism). Would you say that those who chosen to burn to death instead of subjugating to a tyrant had failed? Or would you say that the boy who willingly sacrificed himself - receiving an arrow in the forehead - in the hope that his martyrdom helped the people discern truth from falsehood had failed?

Undoubtedly there were, on the day of that massacre, some who were intimidated by the tyrant and deterred by the fire raging in his ditch to the extent of opting for a return to slavery so as to live a little longer and avert a vicious death. Perhaps some of them had no hesitation to judge those who perished in the fire as having failed or lost or incurred defeat. So, which of the two parties was right and which was wrong?

Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood organisation never claimed a monopoly over social, religious or political activism. It never claimed that the arena has room only for it and it alone. So, what is the point of insisting that it should disband and vacate the arena? Those who feel competent and believe they are capable of achieving what the Brotherhood could not achieve should take to the square and launch their own project. The Ummah needs every constructive effort. But it makes no sense at all for some to insist that the Brotherhood should pull down its own roof in order for some kind of imaginary palace to be erected on its remains.

Some disgruntled youth say that they are fed up with the movement's ageing leaders who hold fast to their seats and are not willing to let go. They ask them to retire and leave the arena for the younger generation to lead. As they talk, these youngsters sound oblivious of the fact that the elders they detract are today behind bars simply because they refused to surrender. They endure their current tribulation defiantly, steadfast and confident that soon they'll be vindicated and that what they go through is something those who struggled before them for freedom, justice and dignity had to go through.

Some people seem to have made a hobby of devouring the flesh of others who have either perished or have been incarcerated or banished. They gloat about what they consider to be mistakes, miscalculations and bad choices. They boast that had they been in the shoes of Morsi or Al-Shatir they would have done a much better job. What a waste of time and energy, what a futile exercise!

The same allegations are repeated over and over again despite lacking knowledge of the circumstances that led to those decisions or choices. And suppose that some of these decisions turn out to be wrong and some of these choices turn out to be far from the best, which is inevitable anyway, so what? An ijtihad is a process you undertake to the best of your ability and knowledge based on your own analysis of the circumstances and the needs of the moment. You could be right and you could be wrong. According to the Islamic tradition, in either case a performer of ijtihad is rewarded for making an effort, once if theijtihad is wrong and twice if it is right.

My sincere advice to those who are unhappy about the performance of the Brotherhood, and especially to those who were once members of the group but no longer see eye to eye with its leadership, is to move on, for the arena is so spacious and expansive. May you be blessed! Endeavour to do what you think is right and seek to succeed where others have failed.

Many individuals opted to leave the organisation since it was founded in 1928. It is not a big deal. Those who departed went in different directions and pursued different routes. Some have done well and some have not done so well. Those who do well it is themselves they benefit and those who incur ill, it is upon themselves they incur it. The Muslim Brotherhood organisation is not Islam, nor is it an Islamic community, but a community within the broad Muslim Ummah. It endeavours and struggles on the basis of a certain consensus among its members. Those who choose to leave the Brotherhood do not commit a sin, for as they freely entered they have every right to freely leave.

However, the claim that the Brotherhood has expired and the demand that it disband is nothing short of futile. Above all, the Brotherhood is an idea, and ideas do not die; it is a hope, and hopes do not expire. It is a reform project, and reform is at the core of the Muslim faith. So, to those who are in a haste, to those who are frustrated and to those who are desperate, I would say do not write off the Brotherhood. So long as there are brothers, the Brotherhood will remain. The group will recover as it did many times before.

Those of you who live long enough will see that after difficulty there will be ease and after calamity there will be relief. This crisis will soon prove to be a blessing in disguise.

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Chairperson of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) Parveena Ahangar Wednesday said accused supporters of rightwing Bhartiya Janta Party as “traitors,” alleging they have “betrayed” the sacrifices of youth who were killed over the years across Kashmir.
“Those are insane people who support Modi and attended  his rally here. It was Modi who killed Ishrat Jahan in a fake encounter in Gujarat. He massacred thousands of Muslims in the riots. He (Modi) will do nothing for us,” said Ahangar.
Observing International Human Rights Day as a “Black Day”, distraught family members and relatives of disappeared persons staged a silent sit-in protest in Partap Park here. The sit-in, which was organized by APDP, was also attended by people from all walks of life.
The members were carrying placards and displaying photos of the disappeared youth.
Ahangar said BJP is desperate to make inroads in valley. “Today they are promising so much to people but in reality they won’t do anything. They are just fooling people like other political parties,” said   Ahangar.
APDP is a collective of relatives of victims of enforced and involuntary disappearances in Kashmir. Disappearances often end in extra-judicial killings or death by torture in valley by the hands of Indian forces without any accountability.
APDP chairperson said it has been 25 years but no government has been able to help them in finding their disappeared family members taken by the paramilitary forces over the years.
“Today, BJP is beating drums of booking the culprits of Machil fake encounter and convicting army in Chattergam killings. What about the rape cases of Kunanposhpora and Shopian. What about the innocent killings of Wamiq Farooq, Tufail Matto, Zahid Farooq and others in 2010 unrest,” Ahangar questioned.
The APDP was formed in 1994 to organize efforts to seek justice and get information on the whereabouts of missing family members.
Reiterating its demand, Ahangar said, “International Human rights community should intervene to impress upon the Indian government to provide details of our missing people.”
Unofficial estimates put of disappeared persons between 1989 and 2006 at anywhere between 8000-10,000. However, Ahangar said “the report  is yet to be finalized”.
Taking a dig at mainstream political parties, Ahangar said National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party are the two sides of the same coin.
“What have they done for us over the years. Be it Omar Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti they are all alike. They come and plead in front us for votes to secure their seats. We don’t aspect anything from them,” said Ahangar.
Ahangar said these were the same politicians who facilitated  “mass murderers” like Muhammad Mir alias Muma Kanna and Abdul Rashid Khan, alias Rashid Billa  and “later recommended Kanna for Padma Shri award while Billa is roaming free”.
Terming elections irrelevant, Ahangar said instead of emphasizing on elections State government should resolve the cases of disappearance persons without any further delay.
“Elections won’t heal us. If State government is sincere of healing the people of Kashmir, they should tell us whereabouts of our beloved ones,” said Ahangar.
On the occasion APDP expressed solidarity to those who spent years struggling for justice. It reiterated that India must comply with its obligations under international human rights law.
“The state should institute an independent commission of inquiry into the complaints of human rights abuses. It must consider the recommendations of universal periodic review-2(UPR-2) and ratify the international convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance besides repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act,” said Ahangar.

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Qaradawi: 'I never killed anyone or incited anyone to kill'


The head of International Union of Muslim Scholars Yusuf Al-Qaradawi stressed yesterday that he has "never killed anyone or incited anyone to kill" and so shouldn't be named on Interpol's wanted lists.

Interpol issued a high level alert in a bulletin seeking the arrest of Al-Qaradawi on Friday.

It stated that the Qatar-based sheikh is wanted in Egypt on accusations of incitement, assistance to commit premeditated murder, facilitating a prison escape, and involvement in arson, vandalism, and theft.

"There are those who killed thousands of innocent people at Republican Guard headquarters [in Cairo] and at Rabaa and Nahda squares without any consideration for justice or law," Al-Qaradawi said.

According to the Interpol's website, Al-Qaradawi is "wanted by the judicial authorities of Egypt for prosecution/to serve a sentence". Photos of the 88-year-old have been published on Interpol's website.

According to the notice, the Egyptian charges against Qaradawi are: "agreement, incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder, helping the prisoners to escape, arson, vandalism and theft". The charges were published "as provided by" Egypt, the requesting entity.

The Red Notice asks those who have any information about Al-Qaradawi to contact the national or local police in his/her area

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Cairo University has suspended 15 members of staff from various colleges pending the outcome of investigations regarding allegations that they incited violence or participating in it and in the anti-coup demonstrations that took place within the university, the university's president Jaber Nassar said yesterday.

In an interview with Al-Ahram newspaper, Nassar said that there are 20 more university employees who have been suspended from work over similar charges of incitement to violence and participating in demonstrations; pointing out that the investigations are ongoing.

"The university will discuss on Monday the results of investigations with 11 students and the Disciplinary Board's decisions that could lead to their final dismissal, if they are found guilty of engaging in acts of sabotage, the use of violence and threatening the university and the lives of students, faculty and staff and exposing them to danger," he said.

Cairo University dismissed 134 students, 17 of them appealed and their appeals were accepted.

Nassar said the cases of 117 other students are still ongoing. Parents will have to sign a written declaration in front of the Disciplinary Board to ensure their children do not participate in demonstrations again, the university president said. If the students engage in similar actions after their appeal is accepted, they will be expelled from university and will have to compensate it for damages.

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Saturday, 06 December 2014 00:00

Hizb condemns Tral grenade attack

Hizb-ul-Mujahideen has condemned Friday’s grenade attack in Tral area of this South Kashmir town, saying terming it as “handiwork of Indian security agencies”.
Hand-written posters on a Hizb letter head and a stamp of the outfit read: “Such attacks are being used by Indian agencies and mainstream political parties to meet their ends and defame the militants.”
The posters were seen pasted at many places in this South Kashmir town and were being circulated on the social networking apps as well.
Two people were killed while at least 20 others were injured in a grenade attack at Bus Stand Tral, Friday afternoon.
The poster condoled the death of two civilians and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families.
“Our hearts go out to the families of the slain as well as the injured,” the poster read, “We want to make it clear that our organisation has nothing to do with the attack,” the posters read.
This is a ploy to bring bad name to militant organisations by the Indian agencies and the mainstream political parties, they read.
Tral is slated to go to polls in the third phase of the 5 phase Assembly polls. The town has traditionally remained aloof from the electoral process.

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Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said India has launched ‘propaganda’ that people have expressed their faith in Indian democracy.
Geelani while stressing on shutdown call on December 8 against proposed visit of Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi said that India with all its power is overlooking the sacrifices.
“The situation is grim and gloomy contrary to what India projects in its campaign.”
He said STF, forces and police under the garb of AFSPA enjoy free hand for their suppressive measures against the innocent people.
“With each passing day youth, political workers, elderly and students are subjected to torture, arbitrary measures and detentions.”
Geelani said India with its power is denying right to freedom to people of J&K.
“It is all with its military might that India forcibly occupied the state.”
Referring to commitments made by India with people of Kashmir, Geelani said though India in international forums has pledged to allow people to express their aspiration but despite all its commitments is defying all its legal, constitutional and moral obligation.
“We presented cherished sacrifices in terms of blood,” said Geelani.
“We won’t allow all these sacrifices go waste and we are sure that despite all its stubbornness, their deceptive policies and egoism will vanish into winds.
He said their approach towards minorities will prove disastrous for India. “People at the helm of authority are resorting to policies based on highhandedness, stubborn approach and callous behavior,” said Geelani.
Geelani said they are managing these elections under the shadow of gun and trying to befool international community.
He said people in a categorical way rejected these elections.
“If India considers the participation of Kashmiri people in elections as mandate in favor of India then why they feel so scare about pro freedom leaders and why they are being caged.”
Geelani asked India and state authorities to allow them to reach to people and face results if they are confident about the people’s mandate.
“India should withdraw forces and face reality.”
Reiterating his appeal for shutdown call on December 8, Geelani said they want to convey that Kashmir is not a legal part of India.
He appealed business community, transporters, employees and educational institution to make call a success.
Geelani also asked to boycott election on December 9 in Uri, Rafiabad, Sopore, Baramullah, Gulmarg, Chadoora, Budgam, Beerwah, Khansahib, Charar Shrief, Pampore, Pulwama, Rajpora and other adjacent localities

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The woman and the man guilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah's Law).

Al'Quraan Surah Noor

Prophet Mohammad PBUH

Narrated: Abu Huraira (R.A) that a man said to the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam: "Advise me! "The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Do not become angry and furious." The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet said in each case, "Do not become angry and furious." [Al-Bukhari; Vol. 8 No. 137]

Sunan Abu-Dawud.

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