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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Kupwara shuts against Killings

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Kupwara, Jan 27: A complete shutdown was observed in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district today against the killing of 27 civilians by Army, 21 years ago, on January 27, 1994.
It was on January 27, in 1994, when 27 civilians, mostly traders of this north Kashmir’s frontier town fell to the bullets of Army personnel, adding to the list of other such massacres in the turmoil history of Kashmir.

Reports said that life came to a grinding halt in Kupwara, Trehgam, Kralpora, Handwara and Lolab where shops and business establishments remained closed and roads wore a deserted look.
People offered congregational Fateh-a-Khawani for the victims at different places including Mazar-e Shuda at Rigipora and different Masjids of the district.
Tearful homage was paid to the martyrs of this massacre.
The people here have been appealing the international human rights organizations to play their role in conducting the impartial investigation into all massacres of Jammu and Kashmir so that guilty can be  punished.
The memories of the killings are still fresh in the minds of the people here who accuse government of denying justice to the victims.
After 21 years of the massacre, the victims await justice and according to them the guilty are roaming free.
After the incident,  police had registered a case and had assured the residents that erring soldiers would be punished.
But according to the victims there has been no headway made after the case was registered.
The survivors of this massacre allege that the killings were carried out by soldiers to punish the local people for observing shutdown on January 26.
“A patrol party of Punjab Regiment of Army had warned the shopkeepers on January 25 of dire consequences if they observe strike and didn’t celebrate the Republic Day the next day,” the people who survived the bullets 

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