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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

Army Colonel, SOG Personnel killed and two Militants martyred in Tral

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Hizb-ul-mujahideen gunned down An Army Colonel of 42 Rashtriya Rifles, a cop of Special Operations Group of J&K Police in a fierce gunfight in Tral area of South Kashmir's Pulwama district on Tuesday.

According to reports,after receiving a 'special input' about the presence of mujahideen in Hundoora village of the district's Tral region, Indian brutal forces along with counter insurgency group of puppet police and army cordoned off the area. 
As the brutal forces marched ahead mujahideen hiding in the village fired upon the joint party in which the CO of 42 RR Col Munindra Nath Rai, HC Sanjeev Singh and two more soldiers of RR were killed on the spot . In the heavy exchange of fire the two hard core mujahideen of Hizb-ul-mujahideen, Sheraz Dar and Abid Khan, both from Tral region,also embraced martyrdom. Abid Khan joined the Hizbul Mujahideen ranks five years ago and was the active as district commander of the Organization.

Abid Khan, the Hizbul Mujahideen district commander, had arrived at his Handoora village to meet his family members. He was accompanied by his associate Sheeraz Ahmed Dar. Abid had come to meet his ailing brother.but it was unfortunate that secret agencies got some clue about the presence of both the mujahideen.
Soon after the martyrdom of mujahideen, spontaneous shutdown was observed in the area, where thousands of people took to streets and held pro-freedom demonstrations. Shouting slogans, the protesters hailing from the different villages were raising slogans in favor of freedom movement in general and in favor of Hizb-ul mujahideen in particular Brave Abid was the District Commander of Hizb and he was active since 2009 in the area, while as "shair dil" Shiraz had joined the Hizb ranks in 2012, he snatched the rifle of an SOG man from Awantipora camp last year.
Ameer-e-Hizb, UJC chief while paying glorious tribute to martyred hizb commanders said that by sacrificing their precious lives for a just cause they give an unambiguous message to enemies that every drop of our blood creates thousands of mujahedeen like Aabid Khan and Sheraaz Ahmad. UJC chief also said that these precious sacrifices are giving crystal clear message to Indian authorities that, neither Obama (holding the baggage of shameful defeat in Afghanistan) can rescue you nor your pigeon hearted brutal forces can defeat us. 
According to hizb spokesman Salim Hashmi, Syed Salah-u-deen UJC chief and Naib Ameer-e-hizb Saifullah Khalid conveyed their sympathy to the families of the martyred mujahedeen and prayed for peace to the departed souls.

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