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Saturday, 27 December 2014 00:00

Status of K-issue can’t be changed by elections: Geelani

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Terming all mainstream politicians of Kashmir as “opportunists and unprincipled,” Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Friday alleged that these people are power hungry and have nothing to do with the miseries of the common people.
In a statement issued here he said, “The status of Kashmir issue can’t be changed by election drama. By using it as a tool, India wants to lengthen its control of Kashmir.”
Addressing people at Hyderpora Jamia Masjid, Geelani termed the actions of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, ISIS and Boko Haraam as un-Islamic and inhuman he said these people are defaming the Islam and their actions don’t have any Islamic or moral justification. “Islam has high values and regards for a human life and the Holy Quran term the murder of a single human being as the murder of whole humanity. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was not only sent as a blessing for the whole humanity but he gave us lessons for safeguarding the rights of animals.”
“Our Prophet (SAW) had pardoned his worst enemies and presented a beautiful character before them. The people who are killing children in the name of Islam, kidnapping school children and subjecting people to the worst torture during their custody, they are totally unaware from the spirit of Islam and they are becoming the big hurdle in the propagation of Islam. Islam is the religion of peace, brotherhood and equality and Islam want justice among the whole humanity based on equality. In the past, Islam has propagated with the help of its excellent character and morality which it presented before the people and in the future it will spread in the entire world due to its high regard for the human values,” he said.
Geelani, however, said the ‘freedom movements’ which are going on in many places in the world can’t be linked with this terrorism which has engulfed the whole world. “These are two different realities and they can’t be mixed up with each other. Most of the nations of the world in the past have achieved their freedom through the struggle and these movements and struggles are still active in the regions like Palestine, Kashmir and Afghanistan,” he said.
Commenting over the recently held assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir, the Hurriyat (G) chairman termed all the mainstream politicians as equal and said “some pro-India people have tried to befool the people during the election campaigning by talking about the solution of Kashmir issue.”
“Be it Omar Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed or anybody else, they all are the advocators of the India’s control over Kashmir. They are opportunist politicians and work as the daily wagers of the authorities in New Delhi. Their only work is to endorse the crime which forces of India are committing against the people of Jammu & Kashmir. They ask people for the votes in the name of water, electricity, roads but then they sell these votes for their salaries and luxuries with India,” he alleged.
“All the tactics and wickedness have failed in the past and it will remain unsuccessful in the future also. No power in the world can keep us away from our goal and the history is testimony of the fact that how the big powers surrendered in front of the struggling nations,”

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