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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 16:41

Abbas’ call for Hamas to disarm is ‘free help for Israel’ : Hamas

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Calls by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for Hamas to disarm is a “free help for Israel”, a senior member of the movement said yesterday.

Mousa Abu Marzouk said calls for Hamas to disarm come from America and Israel and “this is not strange” as Israel is “our enemy” and the US is its ally.

“The strangest issue is Abbas’ call on Hamas to disarm,” he wrote on Twitter. “What is strange is that Abbas is serving the enemy without a price like what he is doing regarding the security cooperation which is being carried out in return for personal gains.”

Last week, Abbas told members of the Fatah Central Committee in Ramallah that he had told Egypt he would not be responsible for the Gaza Strip if Hamas did not handover lay down its arms and hand over power to the Palestinian Authority in full.

Several days later, US envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt called on Hamas to give up its control of Gaza and disarm.

He tweeted: “Hamas must relinquish its control of Gaza to the PA and disarm. If it wants to join the real world, it must renounce violence, recognise Israel and decide to abide by past agreements. It’s time for Hamas to make some real decisions.”

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