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Thursday, 07 September 2017 11:57

Silence over killings of Rohangiya Muslims politically motivated, says Jama’at If killings not stopped forthwith, it will have disastrous ramifications

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Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses its grave concern over the barbaric killing of Rohangiya Muslims in Burma at the hands of communal and fascist forces and terms the killings as gruesome and a planned genocide of Muslims.

Jama’at said, the way Muslims are being massacred at the hands of anti-Muslim forces in Burma depicts that anti-Islamic forces have initiated a planned genocide of Muslims across the globe be it Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kashmir or elsewhere. These killings should be a grave concern for entire world but unfortunately world bodies including OIC and human rights bodies have kept a silence over these barbaric and gruesome happenings which are highly condemnable and inhumane.

Except few units from Muslim world, leader of Muslim nations have adopted a politically motivated silence over the brutal killings of Rohangiya Muslims and did not utter a single word against anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim forces on whose behest these leaders are enjoying the taste of power corridors. It should be a serious concern especially for leaders who are at helm in Muslim countries and generally for all those who have human heart. A killing of Muslims is unacceptable and it will have disastrous ramifications if killings are not stopped forthwith, Jama’at said.

Jama’at urges Muslims across the globe to raise their voice against these killings and take a united stand against communalists, fascists and tyrants whose sole aim is to eradicate the identity of Muslims from the world. Jama’at also urges OIC and human rights groups to break their stale silence and express their duty in letter and spirit for the safeguard of Muslim of Myanmar. Jama’at also impresses upon all world powers to take prompt action against the brutal assault on Muslim by communal and fascist forces across the globe especially in Burma and get the killers into the justice and make them accountable for their unpardonable crimes.

Moreover Jama’at condemns the arrest spree unleashed by government forces in many parts of valley and terms it brute violation of human rights and appeals rights bodies to come forward for the safety and well being of Kashmir who are being killed, tortured and intimidated at the hands of these forces.

Press & Publication Division

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir

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