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Monday, 31 October 2016 17:54

Jama'at concerned over discriminate behaviour towards jail inmates

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Jama’at concerned over discriminatory behavior towards jail inmates


Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressed its deep anguish and concern over the prejudiced attitude of jail officials towards Kashmiri detunes and termed it brute violation of human rights.


Jama’at in a statement issued this afternoon said, the condition of detainees in Jammu jails are extremely insanitary and unhealthy. Inmates there, are being subjugated to worst form of rights abuses and no stone is being unturned to distress the Kashmiri detunes physically and psychologically. These inmates have been lodged and stayed with those criminals who are detained on the charges of decadent and immoral activities. The jail officials are not allowed Kashmiri inmates to meet them with their brethren who are lodged in other rooms and are not being permitted to wear black and green color dresses.


Jama’at said, the intensity of rights abused can be gauged by the behavior of jail officials who resorted to ethnic discrimination and are flouting the jail manual arbitrary. They are not even permitted to accept the food that their visiting family members are getting along with during permitted visits. Jails officials have made the arbitrary manual which has taken heavy toll to inmates. At 6am, they are being assembled for attendance where they are served tea and later at 9 am, they are given lunch. Then they are served tea at 3 pm and dinner at 4 pm. There is nothing in between, Jama’at said.


Kashmiri inmates are not being allowed to exercise their religious right inside jail. When they stand for Tahajud or Fajr, criminals lodged there made immense noise and cry. Even they are being warned of dire consequences if they will continue their prayer. Same situation happened in Kuthua and Udhampur jails where inmates are being harassed of terrible penalty.


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir condemns this discriminatory behavior by jails officials towards Kashmiris and appeals Bar Association of Kashmir to send a high level delegation there to access the situation regarding Kashmiri prisoners. Also appeals human rights bodies to take strong cognizance of the condition of Kashmiri inmates and save them from dire consequences sounded by criminals lodged in these jails on the behest of their mentors. Jama’at pays glowing tributes to all inmates lodged in state and outside jails who sacrificing their present for the future and freedom of this hapless nation.


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