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Thursday, 05 November 2015 00:01

Yearly Ijtimah and and Elections of jamaat Islami Halqa Hyderpora Held Today

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 The Yearly Ijtimah of Jamaat Islami Halqa Hyderpora was held today , In which Ameer Zillah Srinagar, Ameer Tehsil Srinagar, Mawne Qaim Tehsil Srinagar were present along with the Jamaat Halqa Members &  Rufaqaas.

Qaim Halqa hyderpora, Read out the budjet and Described  various activities performed by the Halqa Hyderpora Duning this year, which includes all religious, social and political activities,in front of everyone

After That Ameer Zilla Srinagar, Bashir Ahmad  gave a speech to the people present, and gave them valuable guidance of how to further increase the social , religious  and political work , he also guided to take all possible steps to aware people of ill factors of society, also guided not to involve in Haram(illegal in Islam) Politics.

Jamaat Islam's exists with the Mision of Ikamat-e-Din 

At the end the new Ameer of the Halqa wasto be  elected and Nazir Ahmad was elected by Ameer Tehsil Srinagar to hold his position as ameer halqa.


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