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Sunday, 18 October 2015 16:46


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ARRESTED:     560 (including 140 minors)

MARTYRED:       43 (including 10 minors)

INJURED:           4,445


    Since 14 September, 560 Palestinians have been arrested by Israel in the Occupied Teritories and within Israel. This has come after Members of the Knesset and Jewish settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound under heavy army and police cover leading to clashes and damaging the mosque.

The damage to Al-Aqsa and its subsequent closure to Muslim worshipers further escalated the situation and led many to question whether this is the start of a Third Intifada.

Analysts, including MEMO’s Ben White, believe labels such as “Third Intifada” are unimportant and take away from the situation on the ground where the appropriation of land, colonialism and apartheid are widely practiced leaving Palestinians with no rights or security. Meanwhile, independent Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti believes the Third Intifada "has already begun".

In light of the current violence, some armed Palestinian factions have made threats to resume attacks against Israeli targets in response to their incursions on Palestinian property.

What’s your view? Is this the Third Intifada? Here we look at the events on the ground to help you decide.

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