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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 18:55

Renegades will not muzzle struggle, Gen Secatary Jamaat Islami Jk on Parrikar’s remark

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While  addressing an annual congregational meet of Jamati-I-Islami in Bait-ul-Mukaram mosque in Islamabad (Anantnag) town.

Castigating Union Defense Minister Manorahar Parikar’s statement that terrorists have to be neutralized by terrorists, Jamat-I-Islami Sunday said that renegade and Task force culture can in no way  muzzle the prevailing pro-freedom sentiment in Kashmir.

“ It is not a hidden fact that New Delhi has  been using  Ikhwan ( renegades) and Special Task Force (STF) to  unleash terror on Kashmiris but has failed to  break their resolve,”  General Secretary Jamat-I-Islami Dr Hamid Fayaz  said.

He was addressing an annual congregational meet of Jamati-I-Islami in Bait-ul-Mukaram mosque in Islamabad (Anantnag) town.

 “Kashmiris have rendered unflinching sacrifices for the movement. Five lakh people have sacrificed their lives, and have been subjected to worst kind of atrocities for the genuine cause, which is freedom in accordance with principles of Islam. So, Ikhwan  and Task Force culture can in no way be able to  muzzle the prevailing pro-freedom sentiment in Kashmir”,  said Dr Fayaz adding Parikar was living in fool’s paradise

Fayaz stated that Jamat will defeat any such evil designs: “Jamat has been the worst victim of state sponsored terrorism unleashed through government sponsored gun men-Ikhwan. We cannot forget the era when Jamat members, workers and even sympathizers were shot dead in broad day light in the streets of South Kashmir. But never got bogged down and if India repeats the same it will be defeated again," said Fayaz

He said that Jamat has always been for resolution of Kashmir dispute through United Nations resolutions or through tripartite dialogue. “The dialogue between India and Pakistan however, is incomplete without Kashmiris who are the real stake holders and have suffered because of the dispute,” said Fayaz.

 Taking a dig at People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led collation government for leaving flood victims in lurch, Dr Fayaz  said that the government is ready to pump money to promote Bollywood in Kashmir but has nothing to offer to flood victims adding Jamat has been doing everything possible to help them. 

Terming frequent communal statements of BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders as the state policy of New Delhi, Fayaz said, “The statements like the recent one of Union Minister, Mukhtar Abass Naqvi that those who want to eat beef should go to Pakistan and their stand on other issues like Gharwapsi and that all Indians irrespective of any religion are Ramzadeys clearly indicates that they want to  implement communal and fascist agenda ”.

Fayaz said that it was a testing time for 20 crore Indian Muslims who have been always been the victim of these communal elements backed by state.

Fayaz appealed  to the Muslim Ummah to unite to foil the conspiracy hatched by US and Israel against Islam.  “ US- Israel and its allies are responsible for spilling of blood in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt , Palestine and Libya and unfortunately the Arab countries have been have become puppets of US,” said Fayaz. 

Fayaz also condemned crackdown against Ikhwanul-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) and its supporters in Egypt said, “ It is ironical that democratically elected government was not allowed to flourish in Egypt by so called champions of democracy including US as it did not adhere to their diktats”.

He said that a conspiracy was hatched by US and Israel to oust Mursi who is now facing death sentence.”

“It was unfortunate that Saudi government forged an alliance with Zionists and US for their own petty interests. It has never supported democracy as monarchy and dictatorship is in their interest,” said Dr Fayaz.

Earlier addressing the Ijtima (conference) Ameer-I-Jamat, Abdullah Wani said that Jamat was committed to steadfastness towards Islam (Ikamat-I-Deen)  and wants  it to be part and parcel of political, economic as well as social sphere.

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