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Friday, 01 May 2015 11:45

Separate Home land for pundits not accepted/Jama’at

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There is absolutely no need to establish separate townships for the migrant Pandits in 


the valley as it will create serious problems for both the communities in near future 


and end in unpredictable hostilities which the communally frenzied forces of India 


desire and wish. Jama’at Islami J&K cautions both the communities to remain aware 


of the situation and not to allow the vicious elements to succeed in their nefarious 


designs of causing permanent fissures amongst the people of Kashmir which is quite 


against the harmonious atmosphere of the region. The leadership of the Pandit 


community should not be swayed away by the RSS-BJP agenda which is at all not in 


their individual or collective interest.


Jama’at Islami J&K welcomes the return of the Pandit fraternity to the valley 


and starting their life as they used to live before their migration without seeking any 


separate home land or townships or secure zones as they are fully secure if they live 


along with their Muslim neighbors keeping the age old traditions intact.  


Jama’at also denounces the dubious policy of issuance of PRC’s at school level 


by some BJP ministers in some parts of Jammu province and expresses its resentment 


over issuing ambiguous and contradictory statements regarding the subject matter by 


the present regime.

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